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In our efforts to provide you with better service, Eagle Harbor facilities the ability to track the usage of package lessons and guest fees, photo id check in, credit books, eliminate duplication of procedures and other improvements. Additionally this upgrade saves the CDD on the costs of processing transactions.

Charges can be set up through ACH (Savings or Checking Account) or EZPay (Credit Card)



Some examples of daily charges are food from the Snack Bar, purchases of merchandise from the Golf or Tennis Pro Shops, guest fees at any of the three pools, etc. For these types of charges your options will be to present cash, check, or an actual credit card for swiping at the facility at the time of purchase or, if you wish to have charging privileges, you will be required to provide bank account information so these charges can be ACH drafted from your bank account monthly.



If you are currently a member of the Golf Club or rent space in the Boat Storage lot, your payment options will be to provide bank account information so the monthly charges can be ACH drafted from your bank account each month or an EZPay that is directly attached to a credit card of your choice.


Visit Waterfront Park to set up an Account for Swim & Tennis:
1685 Lakeshore Drive North

Visit the Golf Shop to set up an Account with Golf: 2217 Eagle Harbor Parkway

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