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Important Information regarding Landscape Irrigation in Eagle Harbor

By Judy Landers, St. Johns River Water Management District

While we think of Florida as a state with an abundant water supply, we will not be able to sustain water use at our current levels. Florida receives an average of 53 inches of rainfall each year, but only 13 inches of that finds its way into our underground water supply. We are using fresh water faster than it can replenish itself. In many parts of the state, we are in danger of salt water being drawn into our water supply, a result of withdrawing too much fresh water.

Floridians consume more water at home than is used by agriculture and industry combined. About half of the water we use at home goes to water our landscapes. An important step in preserving Florida’s water supply has been taken in Eagle Harbor through the use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation for most homes in the community. This highly treated wastewater contains some nitrogen and phosphorous, acting like a natural fertilizer for your landscape.

Reclaimed water users in Eagle Harbor are exempt from the St. Johns River Water Management District’s landscape watering restrictions, but the restrictions do apply to those who use a source other than reclaimed water for landscape irrigation. All of the rules are detailed online at floridaswater.com/wateringrestrictions, and if you are unsure whether your home uses reclaimed water, please call the Clay County Utility Authority at (904) 272-5999.

Regardless of whether the watering restrictions apply to you, it is best not to water between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to minimize loss of water to evaporation. Also, to avoid weeds and pests, make sure not to overwater your lawn. Giving it just enough water will promote deep root growth and a strong, healthy lawn. 

Lawn watering is generally not needed more than two days a week during summer months and not more than one day a week during winter months. By being aware of rainfall and whether your landscape truly needs water, you can further reduce irrigation and help conserve our finite water resources.

You can find information on conserving water and planting “waterwise” landscapes online at www.floridaswater.com/waterconservation.

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