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The Eagle Harbor Boat and RV Storage Facility is located at the end of Lakeshore Drive East, adjacent to the county Boat Ramp on Doctors Lake.

Rates are $60 plus tax per month for recreational and $100 for commercial.
• The RV/Boat Storage lot is for the sole use of Eagle Harbor Residents and Annual Pass holders.
• Cancellations must be made by the 15th of the month prior to exiting the facility or your account will be charged.
• Current tenants please call Waterfront Park for any questions or concerns at


As a further consideration for the use and occupancy of said premises the parties hereby agree to faithfully keep and be bound by the following covenants, conditions, agreements, rules and policies:
1. The tenancy created herein shall be a month-to-month tenancy, terminable by either party with at least 15 days written notice prior to the date the next rental payment is due. If tenant gives timely notice to-vacate, all items of personal property must be removed from the Storage Space prior to the end of the term. Failure to timely remove such items shall result in the Tenant being responsible for the next month’s rental fee.

2. Tenant agrees to pay the rental amount plus applicable sales tax on or before the first day of each month. Rentals not beginning on the first day of the month will be prorated on a per day basis to the first day of the following month. Thereafter, all rental rates are paid for a full month’s rental, without prorating for partial monthly occupancy.

3. A late fee in the amount of $25, shall be payable by Tenant to Landlord for any rental payments made more than seven (7) days after the date when due. Tenant agrees to pay Landlord $30 for all dishonored checks or drafts.

4. A deposit fee of $75.00 shall be paid for the gate opener and is due upon signing. The deposit is refundable upon termination of this agreement and return off the gate opener.

5. Our goal is to promote a safe environment for all facility users. Abusive language, vandalism or fighting with residents or staff is not tolerated.

6. The premises are to be kept in a clean and sanitary condition by Tenant and all debris or other garbage which may accumulate thereon during the term are to be removed, and, in case of failure to remove the same, Landlord may charge a reasonable fee for removal. Tenant agrees that at the expiration of the term of this lease, the space will be in clean condition.

7. Tenant shall not keep or have on the premises, any article or thing of a dangerous, inflammable, or explosive character, which might be considered hazardous by a responsible insurance company.

8. Tenant shall not assign, transfer, sublet or permit the use of assigned spaces to any other party. At no time will Tenant loan out or give his gate opener to any other person. This will be strictly enforced.

9. Tenant will fill out a new Agreement, within 10 days, if the stored Unit changes.

10. Tenant will provide a photo and insurance paperwork for the Unit within 10 days of signing this agreement.

11. Tenant is required to disclose any lien holders or secured parties who may have an interest inproperty that is, or will be stored in this storage facility.

12. Outdoor receptacles are for temporary use only (no more than 6 hours) such as powering avacuum cleaner, air pump, light, battery charger, etc. Outdoor receptacles are not be used to power air conditioners or supply power to RV’s.

13. Any infringement of the rules or terms of the agreement may result in cancellation of the Storage Space rental upon fifteen (15) days notice. Tenant must then remove the Unit from the facility within that time frame or it will be removed at the Tenant’s expense.

14. The RV/Boat Storage lot is for the sole use of Eagle Harbor Residents and Annual Pass holders.

15. Availability of spaces is on a “first come, first served” basis.

16. Tenants may not rent more than 1 space when there is a waiting list.

17. Units shall be in an operable condition, insured by Tenant and display current registration tags. All unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the Tenant’s expense.

18. Units shall be parked in the assigned, marked space only, as near the middle of the side-to-side space as possible and will not encroach on adjacent spaces. Tenant will not move concrete markers. Under no circumstances is the Unit allowed to exceed the Storage Space boundary limits.

19. No mechanical maintenance work or painting is to be performed on any units within the RV/BoatStorage Facility. Units may be washed in the wash area located at the North side of the facility.

20. Tenant shall be responsible for any damage or injury caused or incurred to the Eagle HarborRV/Boat Storage Facility or to any other Units in the area due to Tenant’s actions or Tenant’sUnit.

21. Any discharge from sanitary holding tanks or bilges is strictly prohibited.

22. Permanent, constructed shelters are prohibited.

23. Fires and unlawful activities are prohibited

24. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

25. Any property that is placed in the Rental Space is at TENANTS SOLE RISK, AND LANDLORD SHALL HAVENO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE TO SAID PROPERTY FROM ANY CAUSE WHATSOEVER, AND TENANT HAS SOLE RESPONSIBILITY FOR INSURING SUCH PROPERTY AGAINST SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGE. Landlord carries no insurance which in any way covers any loss whatsoever thatTenant may have or claim by renting the leased space or being at the facility and therefore Tenant must obtain any insurance desired from Tenants own insurance agent to protect himself and the stored property against all perils of whatever nature. Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant or Tenant’s licensees ,invitees, family, employees, agents or servants for any personal injuries, death, property damage or loss from theft, mysterious disappearance, vandalism, wind, fire, water, flood, snow, ice, rain, rodents, explosions, acts of God, or any other cause whatsoever. Tenant acknowledges that landlord does not warrant or represent the Tenant’s property will be safely kept nor that it will be secure against theft north at premises and space are secured against hazards caused by water, fire or elements of weather or earthquake. Landlord will not be held liable for such property loss or damage arising from the active or passive acts or omissions or negligence of the Landlord, Landlord’s agents, or employees.

26. Tenant agrees to indemnify and hold Landlord harmless from and against any and all costs, including legal fees, expenses, damages, claims, actions, personal injury, or causes of action arising directly or in directly from Tenant’s use of the Storage Space or from Tenant’s default hereunder. Tenant waives the right of refusal.

July 23,2020-
At this time, we are no longer excepting requests to be added to the boat storage waitlist. The waitlist currently exceeds 1 year. Please continue to check back for any updates.

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All privately owned golf carts that operate in Eagle Harbor are required to be registered.  If you have not already registered yours, please do so by contacting Waterfront Park at  904-621-8362.

• Drivers must be 14 years of age or older.
• Golf Carts can only be operated on designated roads.
• Golf Carts cannot exceed 20 mph.  Golf Carts can only be operated from sunrise to sunset.
• Golf Carts are prohibited from being operated on any sidewalk.
• Golf Carts must be equipped with efficient brakes, reliable steering apparatus, safe tires, a rearview mirror, and red reflector warning devices on both the front and rear.
• Drivers can be arrested for DUI on a golf cart.
• Drivers can receive a citation against their driver’s license (or future drivers license) for violations of Section 316.212.i.  

Golf Cart and Low Speed Vehicle Registration

55+ CLUB

Ladies:   Bring your card and join us for Mahj Jongg and lunch every Tuesday, 11:30-3:30, at EH Talons Restaurant.
Contact - Barbara Collin 904 375-8456.

Gentlemen:  Join us on the tennis courts for men’s senior tennis M-F from 8:00-9:30a.m.

Ladies:  Join us every fourth Thursday, beginning January 2020, for Hand and Foot and lunch at Talons Restaurant from 11:30-3:00.
Contact – Carol Bendlin 904 579-4286.

Gentlemen: A men’s bridge league meets the first and third Wednesday of each month in the evening at residents' homes at 6:30 p.m.
Please call Walt Joba at (904) 215-1199 if you are interested.

Ladies: Bridge tables are now set for every Friday 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. at the Club.
Please call Joan Sobanski at 269-1182 if you are interested in playing bridge.

Ladies: Tee time is 9:32 a.m. every Thursday, please arrive at 9 a.m.  If you want to join, please contact Joan Sobanski at or call the golf shop and sign up by Wednesday.


Tuesdays 5-6:30 p.m.
$14 per ClassAll classes held at Lick Skillet   Need to relax and de-stress?  Come try Yoga! Space is limited so reservations are required. Please email the instructor to attend at  Don't forget your water bottle and yoga mat or towel.  Classes taught by Anita Sanci (ERYT 500, CT) international master yoga instructor.

Monday & Wednesday: 6:30am, 8:30am, 4:30pm & 5:45p.
Friday: 6:30am & 8:45am and Saturday: 9:00am.  

Classes Held at Lick Skillet
$75 for 12 Sessions  or $99 for a 12 session punch card that doesn’t expire – your first week is free!
Lose fat • Increase Metabolism • Tone & Strengthen Muscles • Increase Bone Density • Increase Endurance • Improve Balance & Coordination • Enhance Sports Performance

Fitness Class is a results-driven conditioning program that runs four times weekly for 1-hour durations per session. It is conducted in an indoor/outdoor environment, utilizing the most progressive, innovative and creative exercises in fitness.  Fitness Class workouts include but are not limited to: cardiovascular; speed and endurance; agility ladder drills; partner resistance; and strength training with dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls and TRX. We expand your fitness horizons with fitness games, group challenges, kickboxing, plyometrics, obstacle courses and multiple versions of the standard push-up and sit-up!

For more information, email Paul at Bring a towel and water. Your first week is complimentary.

Tuesday - Friday  8:30am – 9:30am
$5 Per Class
12 Classes for $60
Classes held at Waterfront Park

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